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History of The Firm

The Firm was founded in 2006 on the Playstation 2 console. We started out Playing Call of Duty 2 and that has been our main competitive title. Although, we have had success on Killzone 2 , Uncharted 2, and sports titles from EA.

Since our inception we have played by a set of morals that we have never neglected. Every member from the new guy to the veteran can voice his or her opinion, and as a unified group we will discuss clan matters.The Firm is made up of mature members; this provides a serious and non confrontational environment

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  • FREE Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Map + Dead Ops / Zork Minigames

    Launch the game, click the Start button, when the options comes to select Campaign, Multiplayer, instead repeatedly press R2+L2 (RT+LT on XBox), you should remove the shackles (whilst also earning a trophy).


    Next go and find the computer and use it. It will ask for a code on the DOS menu, input the following: Read More
  • Medal of Honor "Taliban" insulting or reality?

    If you have not heard, there is mad stir involving the upcoming fps title Medal of Honor. The ruckus stems from online play in which players are taking on the role of Taliban forces vs. Army rangers. Many government officials have voiced their concerns and ma...

    Read More

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